Networking Extravaganza

It’s not always what you know, but who you know.

On May 15th, FII Families organized Networking Extravaganza, a  networking event for FII members to exchange ideas, promote their businesses or events, and meet the San Francisco team!

Quite the treat, there was good food, fun games and great conversation!


Family Accomplishment: How Tracking Expenses Afforded Cristina a New Car

Cristina Moya

The FII project has been very beneficial for me. With the help of this project I have achieved some of the goals I had when I first enrolled in June, 2010. Two of my goals were to buy a new car because the one I had was very old and was in very bad conditions and the second one was to take English classes. This project has helped me in learning how to better my quality of life as well as my families.

FII has helped me both emotionally and financially. I belong to a group named “Las Triunfadoras” which meets twice a month and we consider each other “family”. We help each other by searching for resources and supporting each other through good and rough times. We are like one big family.

FII provides a space where we can meet monthly and have trainings that can help us achieve our desired goals. For example, we took a training on how to manage our personal financials and through that training, I was able to learn how to start saving towards one of my goals, to buy a car. I learned to keep track of every cent I spent and whether it was well spent or an unnecessary spending. I started to make a list before I went to the supermarket where I listed only the necessary items. My family stopped eating out as much.

Although it was very difficult to get use to the new life style, I was able to save enough money to buy a car. Through a match savings program that FII has, where I am matched dollar for dollar for the purchase of a personal car, I was able to save $4,000 on my own and FII matched it with another $4,000. Then I was able to purchase a 2002 Toyota RA4, that before joining FII I never thought of having because I did not have the resources. Now, thanks to all my efforts and the motivation of all my group members, I have it. With this same motivation I enrolled in English classes and I am improving a lot.

Thank you FII for providing me with opportunity.


Cristina Moya is part of “Las Triunfadoras” group. One of the pioneers of FII-Boston. Cristina is a cancer survivor who brings a lot of positive energy to all meetings. Although she has had to endure much physical and mental pain she has committed to living a happy and stress free life. Cristina’s goals are to buy a car (done), better her English, and go to college for paralegal studies.

Since she’s been with FII she has bought her car, she completed this goal by cutting down a lot on spending on things she didn’t really need such as eating out and going out as frequently. She also became very determined to save any extra money, such as the what she has earned from FII for providing data.

Cristina is also enrolled in English classes. Although she knows the basic English language, she wants to learn more so that she can have an easier road towards her third goal which is to study paralegal. Cristina loves to help others, and whenever she gets a chance, she does just that. She likes sharing information that may be useful to anyone, such as what she experienced with cancer. Cristina is a very active person who has goals and is determined to achieve them. She knows that the motivation must first come from her and then things would fall into place.

Family Accomplishment: Reviving A Dream

Sheila Knight

“I am so excited about FII since becoming a member. FII has sparked so many interest that before I got involved with FII what I was interested in was sitting on the back burner. After meeting other members and seeing what their goals and accomplishments were I became so motivated to start my greeting card business along with reviving plans to write and publish my poetry book. I look forward to sparking interest in other members and reaching their goals the way I was helped. I want to take the time to thank all the staff and their dedication to the cause. My goal is each one teach one personal involvement pays off.”


Sheila is sixty-seven years old. She had one son, but unfortunately her son passed at the age thirty. She is now raising her 17 year old grand daughter who is a senior in high school. Sheila is a retiree but works part-time as a counselor at the Victory Half Way House in Boston.

A part of the group, Just Us, their goal is to get to know each other more deeply and exchange information so they can better help people themselves and people in community. Just Us consists of Keyana, Deanna, Ida and Melani.

Sheila always has positive things to share at all of her meetings.

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